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Our History

Tioga-Franklin has been around a long time. The bank began life as the Tioga Building and Loan Association in 1873, a seemingly unlikely year in which to launch a new bank. Only eight years had passed since the end of the Civil War, and our country found itself in the grip of a severe economic depression. Credit dried up, foreclosures were common and banks failed.

We survived that early economic crisis, and every one since then, by sticking to our core principles. These include conservative investing, offering competitive rates to both depositors and borrowers, responding quickly and courteously to customer concerns, and keeping fees to a minimum.

In 1973, the Tioga Building and Loan Association merged with the Franklin Savings and Loan Association to form the Tioga-Franklin Savings Association. In July 2000, we became Tioga-Franklin Savings Bank and members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Some “experts” have questioned whether small, mutually owned, banks can survive in a world of much larger, more sophisticated competitors. We invite you to join the Tioga-Franklin family, and find out first-hand why we’re here to stay.


Our Core Principles

Left QuoteThese include conservative investing, offering competitive rates to both depositors and borrowers, responding quickly and courteously to customer concerns, and keeping fees to a minimum.Right Quote

President’s Message

Do you know your banker? Most people can tell you the names of their doctor, lawyer and plumber, but not their banker. At Tioga-Franklin, our customers know us on a first name basis and we know them.

We call ourselves “the little bank with the big difference,” and the big difference is the personal touch. When you walk in the door, we’re glad to see you and we treat you with respect. When you call on the phone, you won’t get lost in an automated maze.  We strive to make ourselves available for you, on your time. That is the Tioga franklin difference. Personal service, with availability.

For years we offered the traditional savings bank products of mortgages, home equity loans, savings accounts and certificates of deposit. Today we have expended our services to include cutting edge mortgage and small business products.  SmartBiz is our automated Small Business Administration (SBA) loan application product. Businesses needing a loan up to $350,000 can get approval in 30 minutes or less and funding within 7 days.  Our online mortgage application system gives you the ease of applying for a loan from anywhere while maintaining the personal touch of the local banker. Finally, our competitive deposit rates are no longer a well-kept secret to local depositors, the word is getting out. 

I hope you consider Tioga Franklin for your business or personal needs. Give us a chance to earn your trust.  We have no stockholders. We answer to you, our customers, and we will work hard to earn your trust with every transaction, every day.

John T. Coleman
President & CEO


COVID 19 Response

To our clients and friends;

COVID-19 has hit our nation hard disrupting our normal lives like no other event in generations. There is much going on in the way of battling the pandemic, but if you or a family member is impacted directly, the chances of getting through this event must look grim. We are all somewhat limited in what we can do to help, but that doesn’t mean we won’t do everything possible. In our world, banks are open, although many have restricted physical access for obvious reasons. Many banks have closed their lobbies and are relying on drive-through windows. Obviously, ATMS and on-line banking are good alternatives as well, if they meet your  needs.

At Tioga Franklin, our office hours remain unchanged. We are still open M-F, from 9AM- 4PM. Of course on-line banking operates 24/7 where you can transfer money, check balances and make check deposits. Many of our staff are working from home, but you still have full access to them through e-mail and phone. All services normally available to you are still there, many now with virtual capability.

For our borrowers who may be coming upon hard times, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We are ready to work with you whether you are a home owner or business owner, there are temporary relief programs available for those who need them. The mission of our bank is the community, not shareholders. We will do everything we can to insure that our community not only gets through this catastrophic event, but comes back stronger than   ever.

Ask us about :

- Loan Payment deferrals

- Signing up for online access to your accounts

- High rate checking with mobile deposits and Debit Cards

- Business assistance programs

- High rate community money market (2.00%- 2.02% apy) not a teaser rate.

Contact us at : (215) 423-8012

E-Mail: info@tiogafranklin.com

John T. Coleman
President & CEO

Board of Trustees Function

The major function of the Board of Trustees of Tioga-Franklin Savings Bank is “Risk Management.” The Board has no higher priority than that of protecting our customer’s assets. The “Risk Management” process at Tioga-Franklin Savings Bank is the means by which our Board determines that the bank has in place a vigorous process for identifying, prioritizing, sourcing, managing and monitoring its most critical risks and that the process is reviewed and improved upon on a regular basis as the business environment changes.

The Board takes responsibility in seeing that all policies of the Bank are carried out in accordance with regulatory mandates in a timely manner. Protecting and servicing our customers is always the primary goal of our Board of Trustees.

Board of Directors & Trustees

John T. Coleman
President and CEO

Michael Veneziano
Chairman of the Board

Wayne M. Leibovitz

Bruce M. Dolfman, Esq.

Robert K. Lockyer

Lorraine C. Szalwinski
Assistant Secretary

Joseph McColgan

Joseph N. Hebert, III

Francis W. Hogue, II

The “little bank with the big difference”

Providing extraordinary customer service.